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Ninja Labs brings diverse products to Injective's ecosystem, contributing to its growth and delivering value to users.

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Ninja Labs' Aims


Our mission is to drive innovation and contribute to the growth of the Injective ecosystem by providing the best products and services for the community.


Our vision is to become a leading player in the blockchain industry and build a powerful community-driven ecosystem through creative solutions and exceptional products and services.


Ninja Labs' goals include continuous innovation and providing the best tools and resources for the community's prosperity and success in the blockchain space.



Our Products



Have fun and battle against your friends. The PvP gaming platform built for INJ.

NinjaPvP, which is a PvP gaming platform built natively on Injective, introduces a new gaming concept with the Win-to-Earn (W2E) system. Unlike many gaming projects, our commitment to always being sustainable sets us apart, made possible through W2E.

The architecture of W2E is simple: NinjaPvP is the arena where users come together to battle in games ranging from luck-based to strategy-based. Winners receive the sum of the entry fees, and the platform is designed to be both sustainable and fair for all users. Only a percentage of the prize pool is charged as a maintenance fee.


Create, participate and verify. The definitive onChain solution for raffles.

On NinjaRaffles, users can create and participate in raffles by either buying tickets or entering free raffles. Free raffles can only be created by $NLC holders who have surpassed a minimum set amount. Similar to other products by Ninja Labs, a percentage of the proceeds from these raffles will be charged for the maintenance of the platform.

To ensure verifiability and transparency, NinjaRaffles employs the Injective Chain to store raffles and winners, with everything validated on-chain. The platform also offers a innovation - the NFT lottery. Users can create an NFT lottery by depositing NFTs and defining the number of winners, allowing the platform to randomly distribute the NFTs. If you're an NFT enthusiast or project, NinjaRaffles is the ideal destination for you.



At NinjaLabs, transparency is one of our main principles. All of our products are verifiable and transparent, from matches on NinjaPvP to raffles on NinjaRaffles, and even our upcoming products. We strive to provide a safe and fair experience for all our users.

Yes, we will have our own token called Ninja Labs Coin ($NLC). The $NLC token will be the heart of our ecosystem, providing individual benefits from each of our products and general benefits in our ecosystem.

To start playing on NinjaPvP, you can visit our platform and connect your wallet. Since we are currently on the testnet, you can use INJ testnet token to try out the platform, accumulate Ninja Points and get eligible to our $NLC Airdrop

NinjaPvP is going to be launched in March. NinjaRaffles is still in development, and we are targeting a launch date in Q2 of 2024.

Yes, all of our contracts are designed to accept any token from Injective's blockchain. Therefore, if you have a project and want to have it on our dApps, you can contact us to discuss the possibility further.